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OPIA is coming up

OPIA - the intensity of peering into someone's eyes which can make you feel both invasive and vulnerable ...

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The largest forum for real estate, investment, construction, and innovations

The first in the history of construction and investment industry virtual "Forum Real - Exhibition and Conference on Construction, Innovation, Real Estate, and Investment" will be held on December 3-5, 2020, and IDEA HOME will be part of it!

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Ivaylo Mitev in an interview for NOBLESSE OBLIGE

Ivaylo Mitev: The real-estate market is in equilibrium and we do not report changes in prices

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Meet KORA...

The team of Idea Home is in the final stage of designing one of our latest projects – KORA

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We present a residential building on 31, Naroden Geroy Street

The building will be constructed in the old part of Ovcha Kupel quarter.

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Turning the first sod for Sofia building (Stage I)

Champagne, bread and honey, and folk dances set the beginning of the first sod of the Sofia building (Stage I)

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Residential building 31, Naroden Geroy Street

On April 25, 2017, we were delighted to hand the keys to all our clients who own flats in the residential building on 31, Naroden Geroy Street.

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