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During the first two decades of the new century, a time of transition and search for new solutions for personal realisation and economic prosperity, the continuous progress in technology continues to form new professions in various fields and change public attitudes. These processes lead to an increased migration to big cities which continue to increase their social and economic significance. The new opportunities and needs of the growing urban population create conditions for an accelerated development of cities along with all the challenges in urban planning and housing.

We at IDEA HOME are waiting and fully ready to accept and give a direction, meaning, soul, and heart to these challenges ultimately turning them into homes for people.

After reviewing the information you have provided:

  • we will study and analyse the proposed by you plot for construction
  • we will perform a preliminary review and in-depth analysis of the proposed property for construction, using the following indicators:
    • Market price
    • Location
    • In-force Detailed Urban Plans have entered and we will develop new ones if necessary and appropriate
    • Adjacent engineering infrastructure - transport, underground communications - electricity, water, sewerage, gas, heating, underground, etc.
  • We will approve the plot and require the relevant documents required for the design and construction.
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